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By Thembi Jansen

The Moya messaging app has become a popular way for many South Africans to access services from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). This includes applying for and receiving the SASSA R350 grant as well as checking the SASSA Status of social grant applications.

While Moya itself is not an official government app, it does provide a convenient portal for citizens to monitor and manage their SASSA grants. The app offers additional services like free messaging and voice calls as well.

In this article we will explore using the Moya app for SASSA services in more detail, so keep reading.

How to Download the SASSA Moya App in 2024?

Moya Messenger is a free application available for both Android and iOS devices. Follow these simple steps to get started:

For Android Devices:

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Search for “MoyaApp
  • Tap “Install” to download Moya Messenger
  • Allow requested app permissions once installed
  • Enter your phone number to register an account

You can also use this direct Google Play link:

For iOS/iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for “MoyaApp
  • Tap “Get” followed by “Install
  • Enter Apple ID info if prompted
  • Allow notifications access after install
  • Register with your mobile number

Or use this App Store link:

Applying for SASSA Grants with Moya

While Moya itself cannot be used to apply for SASSA grants, it does provide links and information to submit applications through official SASSA channels such as:

  • SASSA Website – Online application at
  • WhatsApp – Text 082 046 8553 with your details
  • USSD – Dial *134*7737# to apply via SMS
  • GovChat – Submit through their Facebook page or
  • In Person – Visit nearest SASSA office with your documents

Be sure to provide your valid ID number, contact information, and reason for applying in your chosen application method. Applying for SASSA grants is free.

Checking Your R350 Grant Status

It takes SASSA about 7 days to review and approve R350 grant applications. Moya Messenger allows users to conveniently check their relief grant status directly in the app with these steps:

  • Tap “Apply for SASSA Grant
  • Scroll down and select “Application Status
  • Enter ID number and mobile number
  • Click submit to view status

Once approved, monthly R350 payments will be issued. Grant funds can be used to purchase essentials like food and toiletries.

SASSA Changing Bank Account Details

If your SASSA banking information changes, use Moya to redirect R350 payments to your updated account and prevent disruptions:

  • Go to “Money and Services” > “SASSA Relief
  • Choose “Update Banking Details
  • Enter your ID number and click the link
  • Submit new account particulars
  • SASSA will now deposit funds into this account

Appealing a SASSA Application Rejection

If your grant request gets denied, Moya Messenger enables users to quickly SASSA Appeal the decision:

  • Tap “Reconsideration” and enter ID
  • Select why your app was originally rejected
  • SASSA will reassess and contact you within 7 days
  • If approved now, funds disbursement will start


While not an official SASSA platform itself, the Moya app makes accessing social grants extremely convenient. Users can submit applications via linked portals, then monitor their status, appeal decisions, change banking info and more all within the interface.

With unlimited messaging and calls included free of charge, Moya Messenger is a useful app for all South Africans to manage their SASSA services and connect with others.

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